Interior Designer/Architect

In a time of rapid change, the Philipp Selva vision aims to lay the foundations for the interiors of tomorrow, made of important furnishing elements that answer to the name of dreams, objectives, projects. Spaces in which we choose to live, cultivate passions and interests, or simply share our time with others.

We are not merely design, we are art, culture, leisure time, experience, emotions. A more dynamic interpretation of the project, open to everyday living, ready to anticipate the evolution of tastes and trends. A comprehensive and sartorial view. Because beauty is always and only personal.


A home should be as multifaceted as the people who live in it. The PHILIPP SELVA line is a stimulus for creative decorating: there  is no single style, but rather it provides the basic conditions that make it possible to mix different styles.  PHILIPP SELVA furniture is the connective element that joins different rhythms into an unforgettable melody.