Aluxury resort, overlooking the waters of the Black Sea, along the southern coast of Crimea. The Mriya Resort & SPA is a real paradise, a dream place for those who love to enjoy the sea without missing any comfort nor service. Made up by many different and new buildings, this big complex includes 17 residential villas, charachterized by a modern but sophisticated style. With our premium product line PhilippSelva, we had the possibility to give also a creative touch to their dining rooms, living areas and bedrooms, thanks to the contemporary and warm style of our furnishings. In particular, the models chosen for this realization were those of the Vendome, Trust and Indigo collections, in mahogany and dark walnut finishes, with textile inserts in the soft beige and sand colors. Nestled in the nature of the surrounding landscape, with breathtaking views towards the horizon, the resort also includes a five-star hotel, a wellness center, a private beach with water attractions, a Japanese garden, a playgrond for children, and then restaurants, panoramic terraces, lounge bars and even a medical center.

Dining table Pont

"Seen from the side, it looks like a bridge, and from a symbolic point of view I like it a lot," says architect Aldo Cibic about his design piece, the Pont table. That's where its name comes from. It is a structural and poetic design of solid wood. The table legs with their soft, oval cross-section, which swells and widens as they approach the intersection, contrast with the top, which is geometric and thin.

Tisch Pont

Design Aldo Cibic   cm L 270 - P 115 - H 73   in W 106.3 - D 45.3 - H 28.7   Pont ist der Designtisch, der auf der Internationalen Messe "Salone del Mobile 2019" in Mailand präsentiert wurde. Aus Eschenholz hergestellt, der Tisch besteht aus zwei wichtigen Teilen: die Platte, die geometrisch und dünn erscheint, und die Beine, die einen weichen, ovalen Querschnitt haben, der mit zunehmender Annäherung an die Kreuzung anschwillt und sich erweitert. Von der Seite gesehen sieht der Tisch wie eine Brücke aus. Daher rührt auch sein Name.