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09/05/2019 - New location in Dubai: our new showroom that celebrates Made in Italy opens
N ew location in Dubai: located in the main road of the city Sheikh Zayed Road, the showroom was opened in March and will be officially inaugurated next autumn. It is not only an exposition place, but also a great 500 sqm storytelling celebrating the furniture culture and the typical creative style of the Made in Italy.  The art of design making is crucial: our brand approaches different elements working together coherently, creating inspirational and harmonious contemporary projects. A total home design mixing and matching elements, materials and styles, all with high value Italian craftsmanship and a specific attention on being eco-friendly. Inside the showroom, there is furniture for the living area, as the Plaza sofa, the bergère armchair Vendôme, the Empire bookcase and iconic objects of the brand from Verona. The dining area is made of container furniture, tables and chairs, as the Tosca table and Gatsby chairs (in the photo), designed by Lorenzo Bellini. Beds and dressers characterize the night area along with mirrors and little tables. “Dubai is very important for us, as that’s the milestone of the entire Middle East area, for both retail and contracts” said Philipp Selva, President and CEO of the Selva Group. “Our company has more than 50 years of experience and wants to be always in step with the evolving market. We want to export all the Italian beauty of the art design and show it to people who love the discreet luxury elegance”.
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Selva Showroom
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